Your price per SMS depends on the amount you topup, or monthly usage.
RM 0.082RM 0.080
RM 0.081RM 0.080
RM 0.080
RM 0.079
Topup Package
RM 50.00
RM 200.00
RM 500.00
RM 1,000.00

Prices displayed are all inclusive of tax.

Do note that the pricing for both Malaysia and other countries are subjected to change.
Our price depends on currency exchange rate fluctuation and operators decision on pricing.

Further Reduction on SMS Rates

Package rate will be limited at RM1,000 package, and will not be further lowered by topping up additional amount.

For Malaysia, the lowest rate for top-up package will be limited at RM0.079 per SMS, further reduction requires *proven monthly usage* as listed below:

  • Tier 1: For over 300,000 SMS/month - reduce to RM0.076
  • Tier 2: For over 200,000 SMS/month - reduce to RM0.077
  • Tier 3: For over 100,000 SMS/month - reduce to RM0.078
  • Above rates were revised as of 14th November 2020, users registered before this date enjoy same rate previously displayed.
Proven Monthly Usage

At the start of every month, we will check the previous month's usage for all our clients.

For any user who sent a total of 100k, 200k, or 300k SMS in the previous month, we will adjust the price per SMS for Malaysia according to the tier he is in.

If the user's existing tier is higher (1 is higher, 3 is lower), we will maintain his existing tier's price.

Topping Up

A trial account can be given with little test credits. Top-up can be done via:

1. PayPal (service charge applies, but reload is instant)

2. Deposit/Transfer to our company bank account below (zero hidden charge, but may take one business day for verification).

  • 5123 1666 2233

Always contact us for more details!