Increasing Engagement with SMS

The fact that you're here means you already know why you need SMS over Email.

But hey, here's some facts.


communication device today: Mobile phones – the command centre of our lives.


of the world’s population over the age of 6 will have a mobile phone by 2020.


reaches customers even when steady, reliable internet access is not available to them.


of text messages will be checked within 3 minutes (vs hours for email)

Why us

ESMS was designed to provide it all – ease, performance, and reliability to all users, be it manually, or programmatic approach.


Data transmissions are all securely encrypted. Graded A+ by well-known Qualys SSL LAB


So long as you're within ASEAN region, enjoy quick and smooth experience as our servers are hosted reliably in Amazon Singapore.


99.5% of our OTP SMSes are delivered within the minute.


Using Availability Zones and data replication, we can achieve extremely short recovery time.


Electronic Intrusion Detection Systems are installed within the data layer to manage, and alert appropriate personnel of security incidents.


Amazon data centers are designed to anticipate and tolerate failure while maintaining service levels. In case of failure, automated processes move traffic away from the affected area.

We are here to help!

Got an exciting news to tell your customers? We value your time, so we provide you a seamless blasting experience!

Simple steps

Experience our simple and straight forward user experience, stop wasting time on complicated user interface. Learn more

Contact Group

Manage your contacts in groups to blast messages according to your target audience.


Got a meeting and broadcast at the same time? Schedule it up front and focus on your meeting!


Are you a programmer looking for guide to send SMS? We offer simple API to get your work done within 10 minutes. Try it now!

Report by date range

Monitor the daily performance of your business or applications.

Report by campaign

Find out the status or success rate for each and every campaign.

Report on credits

Trace your top up or money spent on all campaigns.

Quick Demo

Take a look at this less than one minute video.
Yes, all you need is less then one minute to send the SMS using our platform.


Send texts in just a few clicks

Our platform is designed to be easy to use. Geared towards business users, the process for sending a text message is very similar to how you would compose an email, but safer, and easier.

Learn More


Using our Restful API developers can integrate ESMS into any project

We support all languages (PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Python, Node etc), documentation and examples could be found here.

Learn More

Affordable Packages

Your price per SMS depends on the amount you topup.
RM 0.082RM 0.080
RM 0.079
RM 0.174
RM 0.169
RM 0.079
RM 0.074
Topup Package
RM 50.00
RM 1,000.00

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We offer free credits to ensure you have your satisfaction before actually spending money.

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